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Tear down barriers with the touch of a button.
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Educate and empower millions of patients and healthcare workers

Connect For Life™ removes barriers between patients and healthcare workers by allowing healthcare workers to receive real-time feedback on their patients. The result? You have the information you need, when and where you need them.


Collaborate for the greater good.

The success of Connect for Life™ is made possible by closely collaborating with local partners and governments. By leveraging technology and forging these partnerships, Connect for Life™ continues to expand, with on-going implementations in India, Philippines and Uganda and more starting soon!

  • Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines
  • Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation and Impact
  • Advancing Reduction in Mortality and Morbidity of Mothers, Children and Neonates
  • Solidarity and Action Against the HIV Infection in India
  • Mumbai District Aids Control Society
  • Joint Clinical Research Centre
  • TB Alert India
  • Clinton Health Access Initiative
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Work smarter
with real-time information.

Connect for Life™ uses basic mobile phones to send short, simple & actionable messages to influence behavior through health tips and adherence reminders.
It helps reduce situations where your patient could experience stigma and removes the challenges of remote access by allowing you to follow up on your patient any time, anywhere.

Whether your patients live in remote locations, face social-cultural pressures or simply exhibit low health literacy—overcoming these barriers is key to improving health outcomes.

Improve Access

Connect for Life™ uses mobile phones to extend the reach of a healthcare worker and patient, which makes it easier for the patient to access quality care, even in the most remote villages.

Change Behavior

Connect for Life™ empowers and educates patients through behavior change, using simple reminders, adherence feedback, motivational messages, symptom management tips and relevant information.

Reduce Stigma

Using a mobile phone to privately access information through a PIN allows patients to circumvent situations where they might face stigma and social pressures.

Create Understanding

Using simple communications like text messaging and interactive voice response, allows patients to better manage their health (including the importance of medication adherence) and understand what their diagnosis means.

Whether you face time constraints, limited access to patient data or the challenge of integrating records in remote settings overcoming these barriers is critical to providing effective healthcare solutions.


"It is the dream of any healthcare worker to get additional support to make an impact, not only to the patients, but also to healthcare workers and policy makers."

- Prof. Elly Katabira, Prof of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University Uganda

Improve Outreach

Connect for Life™ bridges the distance between patients and healthcare professionals, promoting inclusion and equal treatment, regardless the location of patients.

Track & Monitor

Providers can use Connect for Life™ to access real-time feedback on their patients between visits including medication adherence, missed appointments or symptom reports to create a more seamless continuum of care and improve their patient's visit.

Integrate your dashboard

The Connect for Life™ interface includes a tool that provides an instant overview on relevant patient information, including integrated electronic medical records and lab results, all uploaded to the dashboard in real-time.

Customize your Care

With a real-time feed of patient data, providers can make instantaneous adjustments to their treatment plans to account for lapses in medication or abnormal lab results and customize their health tips accordingly.

Connect for Life™ can be customized to address your healthcare challenge, by supporting a broad range of diseases and disorders.

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How it Works?


Connect For Life™ removes the confrontation with stigma and the challenges of remote access by allowing you to communicate directly with patients any time, anywhere.

* The person in this photograph is not a real patient.


Our Goal

Prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and improve Maternal and Child Health within vulnerable communities in India.

Our Approach

The collaborative program utilizes locally-relevant approaches to educate pregnant women with know-how to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission. Leveraging the unique Connect for Life™ approach, HIV positive pregnant women are enrolled in the program and followed for 18 months post-delivery across two states in India addressing the disease burden in private and public healthcare facilities.

* The person in this photograph is not a real patient.


Our Goal

Use effective interventions to drive human behavior change and improve health literacy to optimize disease prevention and treatment outcome for people living with HIV.

Our Approach

In 2015, Connect for Life™ implemented its first flagship program in Uganda in partnership with the Ugandan Ministry of Health and the Infectious Diseases Institute, focusing on HIV, TB, and maternal and child health. The program was launched in two clinics and is now available to all patients in the Infectious Diseases Institute as part of clinical practice.

* The person in this photograph is not a real patient.


Our Goal

Significantly reduce the burden of HIV in The Philippines by understanding the factors that affect patient adherence to medications, as well as assessing efficacy and availability of current care.

Our Approach

The diverse geography of the Philippines often limits access to healthcare services. Better interconnectivity between health providers could reduce variations in quality of care across the islands.
Connect for Life™ offers treating phisicians a clinical information system to further engage with their patients and offers patients the means to stay connected across remote locations.


How can Connect for Life™ make a difference for you and your patients?

Connect for Life™ allows healthcare professionals to receive real-time feedback on their patient via feedback loops.

That means healthcare professionals can track their patient's daily medication intake and take appropriate action to reinforce adherence or motivate behavioral change.

And healthcare professionals can track patient data, like missed appointments or symptom reports and take appropriate action to motivate healthy behaviors.

Everything is captured on an electronic dashboard that allows the provider to easily integrate patient data, messaging, medical records and lab results in a single, accessible place.


Connect For Life™ was designed for real world performance by our team of medical and technical experts.

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